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Compass Point Quilts & CPQ Studio
59 Sanborn Road, East Kingston, NH 03827
(973) 214-6784

Certified Instructor for Quiltworx
Authorized Teacher for BeColourful

Open Saturdays 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Tuesdays 6:30 PM - 9:00 PM 
or by Appointment

Trip Around the World - Class Dates: June 8 & 29, 2024 - ZOOM OPTION

This class uses a new technique to make this classic quilt. It is one of my favorite quilts to gift to young adults and those on their way to college. Pick their favorite colors and put it together! It wears like iron. These directions use a technique that is so accurate and, combined with new pressing and weighting techniques, is a joy to put together. It’s a quilt that everyone should make at least once; but I guarantee you’ll make more than one!

Trip Around the World quilts, with their captivating geometric patterns and vibrant color schemes, stand as remarkable examples of quilting artistry. These quilts are characterized by their intricate design, where fabric strips are skillfully arranged to create the illusion of a globe-trotting journey. The arrangement of colors forms an optical illusion that gives the appearance of movement and depth, making these quilts visually captivating. The Trip Around the World quilt design not only showcases the quilter's expertise in color selection and precision sewing but also carries an underlying message of exploration and adventure, encapsulating the spirit of a global journey within the cozy confines of a quilt.

This ZOOM option will allow you to spend the day sewing along with everyone in the "real-time" workshop, see live-streaming demos, ask questions, and get direct assistance if needed. You will also receive a video of the class to refer back to if needed. 


Skill Details:
Beginner - Expert
Instructor Name:
Mary Gay Leahy

Trip Around the World - Class Dates: June 8 & 29, 2024 - ZOOM OPTION

$ 55.00
Per Class - Plus Supplies