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Compass Point Quilts & CPQ Studio
59 Sanborn Road, East Kingston, NH 03827
(973) 214-6784

Certified Instructor for Quiltworx
Authorized Teacher for BeColourful

Open Saturdays 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Tuesdays 6:30 PM - 9:00 PM 
or by Appointment

 About Jacqueline de Jonge & BeColourful

Jacqueline de Jonge, an artist and quilt designer lives in The Netherlands. Jacqueline was born in 1960. She has a full time job as a secretary in the Cardiology department in a large hospital. Since her youth, Jacqueline like to keep her hands busy by drawing, embroidering and sewing. The moment she saw a quilt in a German magazine, she was hooked. It’s what she unconsciously had been searching for…something that could use her accumulated skills.

Jacqueline is a self-taught quilter. Here is here story…

Everyone who is making a quilt finds his or her piece really unique and special! Perhaps it has something to do with the purpose for which the quilt is made or the event where the quilt is received or given as a present. Nevertheless, each quilt is a piece of art where the maker spends a lot of love, enthusiasm, and fun in making it!

With that consideration in mind I started to publish my own pattern line under the name: BeColourful. These patterns are now sold worldwide. It is my goal to inspire quilters all over the world with my colourful patterns. No, it is better to say: It became my passion, but and this is the main importance, It came up by the talent I have received from GOD. I feel myself rich and blessed by Him that I can do this.

How do I start with a design? Where do I get my inspiration from? How do I put all the different fabrics together? Every day, I receive these kind of questions by email or regular airmail. Inspiration for a design happens on a single moment during the day. Whether it is in a meeting at work, or a sign on a truck, an advertisement in the newspaper or a magazine, a wheel on a car, a flower…you see, it can be anything. You see that the shapes I use are traditional and therefore very accessible. But the use of colours is maybe not so very common…they are different.

I love to experiment with fabrics and colours and to come up with unique combinations. A design is never steady with me. I can always adjust my drawing as a quarter of the drawing is aside me in my studio. Sometimes you have great expectations of a new design along with the colours and fabrics that I planned to use in the design. But once I start to assemble the quilt, it is sometimes not exactly what I expected it to be. Yes, this also happens! Because I work on one design at the time I am able to adjust the pattern at any time. Once the quilt is finished and the pattern descriptions are written, I can leave it and start on another design.

It often happens that ideas pop up in my head when I am quilting. Then I go to my fabric stash to choose different fabrics and colours. Also this inspires me to come up with a new design. And those designs lead ultimately to a pattern which you can find in your own quilt store in the Dutch, English and German language.

I really hope that you will enjoy the BeColourful designs!!

Jacqueline de Jonge